Pet Sitting

While you're traveling, let Sitting Pretty Dog Grooming & Pet Sitting come to your home to care for your pets as an alternative to kenneling or pet boarding. We don't have anything against kennels or boarding facilities, we just know that some pets do better without the noise and confusion of a facility. So why not let Sitting Pretty Dog Grooming & Pet Sitting’s pet sitter come to your home and care for your pets where you know that they'll be happy and comfortable!

When it comes to reliable pet sitting services, you want to make sure that the sitter is fully knowledgeable about each pet’s specific needs. Tender, loving care, exercise, social interaction and consistent, scheduled feedings are some of these needs that must be taken into great consideration. When you entrust your pet with us, you can be sure that we will abide to your specifications to properly care for your furry loved one.

Pet Sitting
A typical pet daycare service in Menifee will consist of exercise or playtime, feeding, water refresh, treat, and specialized one-on-one attention. Of course, we will always make sure your home is left safe and secure and your pets are happy and healthy. Our dog sitter will take your dog for walks and make sure he or she gets our his or her energy. As a specialist in dog styling, Sitting Pretty Dog Grooming & Pet Sitting will help your dog with needed dog baths and more if you find it desirable for your pet. We can also carefully handle any puppy bathing and other specialized care for smaller dogs to care for larger-sized dogs.

We can attend your pet’s needs for days at a time or for a few hours in the day. Whenever you need us, we’ve got you covered! Contact Sitting Pretty Dog Grooming & Pet Sitting today and have your pet sitting services ready in Menifee, CA. We are the best dog salon in the area! From puppy grooming to a full pet spa, we are ready everyday to cherish your lovable, loyal companions.


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